Directed by: Thomas A. Morgan


Total Runtime: 73 min

Country of Origin: Lebanon/USA

NYTimes 2017 Holiday Film List, Best Documentary Nominee Portland

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Sunday June - 3 - 12:30 pm





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“A stirring tale of empowerment, the documentary Soufra shows how societal change can begin with small steps.”

New York Times review

(Q&A with producers Anderson Hinsch and Jessie Creel after the screening)

Soufra follows Mariam Shaar, who has spent her entire life in a Lebanese refugee camp, as she sets out against all odds to change her fate by launching a successful catering company, “Soufra,” and then expand it into a food truck business with a diverse team of fellow refugee women who now share this camp as their home. Together, they heal the wounds of war through the unifying power of food, while taking their future into their own hands through an unrelenting belief in Mariam, and in each other. In the process, Mariam is breaking barriers, pulling together Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian and Lebanese women to work side-by-side and form lasting friendships while running this thriving business. In English and Arabic with English subtitles.