Directed by: Julie Cohen and Betsy West


Total Runtime: 97 min

Country of Origin: USA

Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2018

Coast Cinemas
Saturday June - 2 - 12:30 pm

Coast Cinemas
Sunday June - 3 - 10:00 am





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“Regardless of your political ideology, you'll come away with a newfound respect for the tireless pioneer of gender equality.”

J.R. Kinnard. Nonfics.

RBG is a revelatory documentary that traces 84-year-old U.S Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s exceptional, barrier-busting career, following her rise as a brainy Brooklynite to her current status on the highest court in the land. Her legal legacy has rendered the jurist an unexpected pop culture icon. The film also delves into her relationship with her husband, Martin Ginsburg, and catches the justice in private moments, following her on workouts and with her granddaughter. What emerges is a portrait of a person who has used her legal career to fight passionately for women and minorities.


Original Audio and Transcript Can be found at PBS News Hour