Lots Of Kids, A Monkey And A Castle

Directed by: Gustavo Salmerón


Total Runtime: 90 min

Country of Origin: United States

Best Documentary, Goya Awards 2018; Audience Award, Raices Film Festival 2018; Official Selection, San Francisco International Film Festival 2018

Crown Hall
Sunday June - 2 - 10:00 am





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This big-hearted, whimsical documentary with the mouthful of a title is a favorite at film festivals around the world. Ever since she was a young bride, matriarch Julita Salmerón

has had 3 heartfelt wishes: to have lots of kids, a monkey, and a castle. Over the course of her long life, all 3 wishes were granted. This loving and often hilarious documentary portrait is directed by Julita’s son Gustavo, who deftly captures his octogenarian mother’s eccentricities and the family’s boisterous nature, as well as its ups and downs. After the financial crisis hits Spain the family loses the castle, but not their sense of humor and family unity. Through the wealth of hoarded objects she has accumulated over 81 years, a rich family portrait is revealed. In Spanish with English subtitles.