Inventing Tomorrow

Directed by: Laura Nix


Total Runtime: 105 min

Country of Origin: USA/ India/Indonesia/Mexico

Official Selection Sundance Film Festival, Official HotDocs

Crown Hall
Saturday June - 2 - 12:30 pm





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“The young scientists they follow have a passion and enthusiasm that’s a tonic for the soul.”

Kenneth Turan,the LA Times

Meet six passionate young scientists from Indonesia, Hawaii, India and Mexico creating cutting-edge solutions to the world’s environmental threats-right in their own backyards-while navigating the insecurities of adolescence. Journey with these inspiring teens as they prepare for the world’s largest convening of high school scientists, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), in Los Angeles. Framed against the backdrop of severe environmental threats, Inventing Tomorrow immerses the audience in a global view of the planetary crisis, through the eyes of the generations to be most affected by it. Motivated by the desire to protect their homes, these young people are proposing innovative fixes to pressing ecological problems in their communities. At home with their families, they compare the world their elders knew with the one they’re inheriting. As each finalist prepares to leave home, some for the first time, the film follows their intellectual and emotional journeys which eventually lead them to meet other kids like themselves who believe in a shared vision of environmental stewardship.

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Wednesday, May 16 Host Joy LaClaire interviews three of the producers of INVENTING TOMORROW