Short Films Program: The Best-Laid Plans

Directed by: multiple directors

Short Film

Total Runtime: 78 min

Country of Origin: Various

3 Oscar Nominations, 1 Academy Award

Live Oak Building
Sunday October - 29 - 11:00 AM





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An encore screening of the 2017 Short Films Program curated by Ann Walker and Kira Wojack. Life doesn’t always go as planned. From the surprising to the serendipitous, a variety of sometimes serious, sometimes comical developments throw a wrench in the works for our protagonists, who find themselves forced to improvise solutions for problems ranging from impossible birthday requests to Sisyphean treks to dead-end jobs. The heroes and anti-heroes of our Short Films Program may not always succeed, but they’ll make you laugh and win your hearts at the same time. The program features three 2017 Academy Award Nominees and one Academy Award Winner (Piper).