Sherry & the Mystery of Palo Cortado

Directed by: José Luis López Linares


Total Runtime: 90 min

Country of Origin: Spain

Doc of Day at Edinburgh Int'l Film Fest; Berlin Film Fest.

Live Oak Building
Saturday October - 28 - 2:00 PM





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Wine is not just an object of pleasure, but knowledge. And pleasure comes from knowledge. Sherry is like a distillation of a place, a time, a culture.

José Luis López Linares

An oenological thriller. A debate. An exploration of the marvelous and unknown world of Jerez de la Frontera. All this and more.

Go beyond the glass to the roots of one of the world’s most mysterious wines with Sherry and the Mystery of Palo Cortado. Once synonymous with luxury and class, sherry has fallen from the limelight, but its faithful devotees still produce the wine that has long captured the imagination of writers, travelers, and even monarchs. In Jerez, home to a 3000-year-old viticultural tradition, legendary winemakers, oenophiles, chefs, and experts discuss what gives sherry — particularly palo cortado —its allure. Featuring archival footage and classic film clips expertly interwoven with present-day interviews and footage, Sherry and the Mystery of Palo Cortado delves into the history of the drink that was once Spain’s most important export, both economically and culturally — a drink now making a comeback in the world of food and wine.