Rio, I Love You

Directed by: Multiple directors, including John Turturro, Fernando Meirelles, and Paolo Sorrentino


Total Runtime: 110 min

Country of Origin: Brazil/United States

Official Selection, Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Crown Hall
Saturday June - 4 - 5:30 PM





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“An affectionate, gently amusing, and visually sumptuous portrait of Brazil’s second largest city.”

Andrew McArthur, The People’s Movies

“Love happens everywhere. Some love stories only happen in Rio.” After Paris Je t’Aime and New York, I Love You comes Rio, I Love You, the third installment of the Cities of Love franchise. Like its predecessors, Rio, I Love You is an anthology, featuring work from 10 visionary directors from around the world, including the filmmakers behind City of God, The Constant Gardener, and Babel. These vignettes bridge gaps between cultures, educating and entertaining the audience while celebrating unique and universal expressions of love. Each short film explores a different neighborhood and a different love story; all of them celebrate the distinctive character of Rio. Features an international cast, including Harvey Keitel, Vincent Cassel, Emily Mortimer, John Turturro, Rodrigo Santoro, Vanessa Paradis, Wagner Moura, Jason Isaacs, and many others. In Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English, with English subtitles.