Omo Child: The River and the Bush

Directed by: John Rowe


Total Runtime: 89 min

Country of Origin: Ethiopia/USA

Best Documentary, Palm Beach International Film Festival; Audience Choice, Best Feature Film, BendFilm; Official Selection, Hot Docs.

Saturday June - 4 - 10:00 AM





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“I want to stop these things."

Lale Labuko

Omo Child tells the amazing true story of one man’s fight to change his culture and save children’s lives. At age 15, Lale Labuko, part of the Kara tribe in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia, learns of “mingi,” or cursed children. By virtue of this tradition, “mingi” children – born out of wedlock or as twins, or whose top teeth grow in first – are murdered. Lale lifts the “burden” from the shoulders of the Kara people by adopting these children as his own, and he attempts to reconcile with Kara elders to end this tradition forever. Filmed over a five-year period, this documentary follows Lale’s journey as he confronts the risk of his own death, battles deep-rooted superstition, and navigates the difficulties of leading a cultural movement. In Karo and English with English subtitles.