My Golden Days

Directed by: Arnaud Desplechin


Total Runtime: 123 min

Country of Origin: France

Directors’ Fortnight SACD Prize, Cannes Film Festival; Best Director, César Awards; Best Art Direction, Chicago International Film Festival.

Crown Hall
Saturday June - 4 - 3:00 PM





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“As evocative and convincing a portrait of youth as the best work of François Truffaut."

Forrest Cardemenis, The Film Stage

In French, Russian, and Hebrew with English Subtitles.

My Golden Days follows Paul Dédalus (Mathieu Amalric), an anthropologist detained while preparing to leave Tajikistan. As he waits in uncertainty of his fate, he contemplates a series of memories from throughout his life, starting from his childhood with two unstable parents. His reminiscences continue with a student trip to the Soviet Union, where a clandestine mission led him to give his identity to a young Russian who would henceforth become a phantom twin. He recalls university life, returning to his hometown to party with his sister and her best friend, and the impermanence of teenage friendship, with an ever-shifting friend group and their casual betrayals. And most of all, he remembers Esther, a beautiful, rude, haughty soul – and the love of his life.