Latest News from the Cosmos

Directed by: Julie Bertuccelli


Total Runtime: 89 min

Country of Origin: United States

Audience Award, Montreal Documentary Film Festival; Best Documentary Nominee, César Awards; California Premiere

Coast Cinemas
Sunday June - 4 - 10:15 AM





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“The taste for adventure mysteriously censors itself.”

Hélène Nicolas

For most of her life, autistic and nonverbal Hélène could not communicate. And then suddenly — despite having had no formal schooling — she did. By arranging laminated alphabet letters, Hélène created words, then phrases, and finally a book, one letter at a time.

Under the pen-name Babouillec Sp (the letters stand for sans parole or “non-verbal”), this severely autistic woman writes poetry that can be soaring and childlike, surreal and funny, dense with allusions, and filled with insight. Latest News from the Cosmos draws us into Hélène’s world as her parents help her adapt a play based on her latest work, Eponymous Algorithm. In this portrait of a writer unlike any other, director Julie Bertuccelli prompts us to contemplate the nature of creativity and communication and the hidden potential in people of all abilities. In French with English subtitles.