Land of Mine

Directed by: Martin Pieter Zandvliet


Total Runtime: 101 min

Country of Origin: United States

Oscar Nominee, Best Foreign Language Film; Audience Award, AFI Fest

Coast Cinemas
Sunday June - 4 - 10:00 AM





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“A tight and suspenseful film.”

A.O. Scott, New York Times

Based on extraordinary true events, this nail-bitingly tense thriller centers on a group of young German prisoners of war in Denmark in the immediate aftermath of World War II and examines both the repercussions of retribution and the value of forgiveness.
In the days following the surrender of Nazi Germany, these captured German soldiers are put to work by their Allied captors. With minimal training, they embark on the dangerous task of locating , disarming and removing hidden German mines that still litter the beaches along Denmark’s west coast, operating under the supervision of a self-righteous and embittered Danish sergeant, Rasmussen. Resentful of the Germans for their five-year occupation of his country, he ruthlessly marches his squad out each day. Yet even Rasmussen grows more and more conflicted in his feelings toward his young charges. In Danish, German, and English with English subtitles.