Human Affairs

Directed by: Charlie Birns


Total Runtime: 78 min

Country of Origin: United States

Official Selection Slamdance Film Festival 2018

Coast Cinemas
Saturday June - 2 - 10:15 am





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“Charlie Birns' debut feature honors its title with its affecting and empathetic vision of humanity.”

Christopher Bourne, Slamdance review

A compassionate drama about Lucinda and Sidney, a successful, young couple in the New York City theatre world, who hire a French woman, Genevieve, to carry their child. Three months pregnant and beginning to have second thoughts, Genevieve travels to New York to meet them and spend a long weekend together. During an unexpectedly intimate experience, all three must confront their own boundaries and vulnerabilities as they develop profound connections that culminate in a startling emotional moment. Writer-director Charlie Birns has created a nuanced, compassionate debut feature drama embarking on the precarious closeness of surrogacy while bravely searching for human connection. Featuring exquisite cinematography by Sean Price Williams, the film experiments with new modes of cinematic storytelling, employing raw performance, unexpected sound design, editing, narration the the use of still photography to dazzling effect.