Give Me Future

Directed by: Austin Peters


Total Runtime: 88 min

Country of Origin: USA / Cuba

Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival; California Premiere

Crown Hall
Saturday June - 3 - 8:00 PM





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“Downright hilarious. But it’s phenomenally beautiful as well. Diplo beat the Rolling Stones at their own game.”

Tasha Robinson, The Verge.

Special Event

Film and dance party featuring special guest DJ DRAGONFLY

Saturday, June 3, 8:00 – 11:30 pm Crown Hall, Mendocino

Dance Party produced by Enchanted Forest Gathering.

Motivated by a mission of peace through music and a dream of “making the world smaller by making the party bigger,” revel in this feel-good documentary filmed in Havana, Cuba. Then join in the after-party dance with DJ Dragonfly, who shines a spotlight on the electronic dance scene’s urban/indigenous vibe with his simple mission statement of: Come! Find and lose yourself in the sonic maelstrom of positive pulsations, community goodness and deep whomp. See you on the dance floor.

Dance Party produced by Enchanted Forest Gathering

2015 was a landmark year for electronic dancehall superband Major Lazer. After topping the charts with their international hit single “Lean On,” the band went on tour, mounting elaborate shows not only in traditional destinations, but also in more challenging locations. Fueled by a dream of “making the world smaller by making the party bigger” and their mission of peace through music, the group decided to offer a free concert in the unlikeliest of venues—downtown Havana, Cuba, where no American band at the height of their fame had previously been allowed to perform. In what began as a concert film intended to document this groundbreaking event, director Austin Peters turns the camera on a burgeoning youth movement, fusing exhilarating performance footage with authentic stories of cultural and political shifts in a country on the precipice of change. In English and Spanish with English subtitles.