Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story

Directed by: James Lester


Total Runtime: 86 min

Country of Origin: USA

Best Documentary New Jersey Film Festival; Official Selection Doc NYC

Festival Tent
Saturday June - 2 - 8:00 pm





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“We’re all there doing exactly what we want, not just getting naked — we’re there expressing ourselves completely.”

Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story

Special Event


Saturday, June 2, 8:00pm, Festival Tent

Proudly Sponsored by Farr West

$25 in advance,$25 at the door


Tap into your wild and adventurous side and join us for a burlesque dance performance featuring our very own Mendocino-based troupe Les Filles Rouges. “If vaudeville, feminism, and good old-fashioned stripping had a lovechild, their unlikely offspring would be Les Filles Rouges.”  Come check out this unique blend of class, sass and ass following the film Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story. Must be 18 years of age or older.

Q&A after the screening

“Getting Naked” tells the contemporary story of burlesque in New York City through the on and off-stage lives of five performers. While each performer has her own perspective and approach, they have all found a deep sense of freedom and belonging in burlesque. Yet the utopian bubble of burlesque cannot insulate them from harsh realities of life such as illness, financial burden, unstable relationships, and racism. Through burlesque and its community, these determined women face their challenges head-on. Their stories uncover the journey of leaving behind a life of constraint to one of liberation. And it is in this liberation that they challenge us to deal with our own stereotypes, taboos, and inhibitions. Like their predecessors, they are challenging society’s narrow view of beauty, success, and nudity. 

Filmmaker James Lester and Mendocino native Darlinda, Just Darlinda discuss the film with radio host Blake More on KZYX radio.