Children’s Program: Short Films, Big Adventures

Directed by: multiple directors

Short Film

Total Runtime: 57 min

Country of Origin: Various

Live Oak Building
Saturday October - 28 - 11:00 AM


$10 Adult, $5 Child


$10 Adult, $5 Child

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Featuring the best short films from the New York International Children’s Film Festival, these whimsical stories will delight children of all ages.

Baking a cake should be easier with eight arms-but that’s only if they agree on what cake to make (Octopus). In In One, Two, Three, a tree borrows a pair of boots and goes for a walk. Jane Goodall’s sense of adventure all started with a toy chimpanzee (Me…Jane). Tiny Tunes: Food presents a pocket-sized poem about our favorite subject. A grey lynx doesn’t fit into a colorful world in Looks. Opinionated six-year-old Fidel doesn’t understand the changes happening in his family in Memories of the Sea. A bored little girl at the zoo notices a big gorilla… and he notices her (Zoo Story). A hungry fox and a plump goose cross paths in That is Not a Good Idea. A clean, organized, well-mannered guest visits in Perfect Houseguest. Even An Object at Rest encounters lots of obstacles over the course of a millennium. A man’s home is his castle… but not for long in The Visitors. A curious girl causes problems when she wants to add some color into her predictable, organized world in The Girl Who Spoke Cat.